what stops you from success

What stops people from becoming really successful? hear what 7 top-performance coaches have to say

Have you ever seen ‘success’ in any school curriculum?

I haven’t. Well, actually, the point of going to school is to get into uni, which in turn will get you into a well-paid job in some corporation. Then you will make a decent living. Then you will achieve success. That is why no one teaches you what success is. It is too obvious, right?


There is no denying that success is a complex concept that means very different things to different people. Not everyone wants the same things out of life because we all are different.

What I have personally learned through Dan Warburton’s extraordinary coaching is that success is now. It is enjoying every single bit of this very moment doing the things that will make you enjoy every single moment in the future. It is creating and optimising the perfect lifestyle for you. 

Of course there are millions of hurdles in this process, and it turns out that most of them….

are created by your own mindset!

The number 1 stopping people from becoming truly successful

Dan Warburton put together this inspiring roundup where we asked 6 top-performance coaches what is the number 1 thing stopping people from becoming successful. Here are the main takeaways:

  • We first need to observe that we don’t have a clue what success means for us.
  • If we strive to become ‘successful’ before finding our purpose, we’ll soon (hopefully) find ourselves in deep trouble.
  • Negative attitudes are your worst enemy. You first need to believe in your dream and understand you are perfectly worthy of living it.

Through working on yourself and unlearning many of the concepts that you have made up about ‘success’ you can set yourself free to achieve incredible things. And the best bit is you can start today!

If you want to learn more about these definitions of success, read the whole piece here.

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