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Stop feeding your colleagues sugary failures, surprise them instead with these cool office snacks

Picture yourself on a Tuesday at 11 am; an unexpected email has made it through your ruthless servers and directly disrupted your utopian to-do list for the day. You realise you need some extra energy, you look at the watch and it is still 2 hours for lunch! Your inner hunter-gatherer starts to fear to faint before she can stretch her arm to vigorously launch the spear that will make the kill she needs to keep her going one more day on Earth.

Don’t know about you but I’ve always been a master of self-deceit when it comes to snacking at the office. I would not plan for it and I would convince myself instead that I can settle for scheduled meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, no matter what happens on that given day.

But sometimes you see yourself falling into the pop-up sweatshop your ego built after reading that demanding email, and you notice you need an extra kick to send that kick back. If you work near a Greggs, like about 80% of UK white collar workers, you might end up stuffing your mouth with a trans-fat soaked poisonous puff pastry only to regret a minute after you gulp the last bit and discreetly lick your fingers.

I’ve always been suspicious of the myriad of heavily overpriced ‘healthy’ snacks, for I once looked at the ingredients and found that most of them were no more than overpriced and fancy dressed snickers bars.

Working with the incredible team at The Protein Ball Co, but mostly trying all of their delicious protein balls, has taught me there is a no-BS, healthy snack alternative to those moments when your body and mind need a boost. They hand roll all of their balls, which are made with all-natural ingredients and not a single ‘mg’ of added sugar. Yet they taste better than your 6th birthday cake.

Each bag has 6 mini-protein balls, which make for a fantastic office desk snack. At the moment there are 6 wonderful flavours to fit all dietary requirements, including those animal lovers who crave for vegan snacks.

I can imagine making meetings productive again by serving a handful of The Protein Ball Co bags as office meeting snacks. As there are 6 in each bag, they are awesome to share among colleagues and bond in the process.

So you heard it. Stop feeding your colleagues the leftovers of your husband’s failed lemon tart and surprise them with a delicious taster box of The Protein Ball Co.

They also have protein ball recipes on their website where you can learn to make some great protein balls yourself.

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