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Self Development Rehab

Ever since I read Covey’s ‘The 7 habits of highly effective people’ I have been a self-development junkie; I consume tons of content but before I apply what I learn I am already reading the next book or watching the next YouTube video. You may say I have an excuse, as it is very difficult to resist the information avalanche we suffer on a daily basis (well, if you have broadband and are not relying on 4G packages…).

At the point in my life where I decided to take it seriously and start applying all this amazing information, I met Dan Warburton, a transformational coach who works with the world’s most committed entrepreneurs. He made me realise that having someone to be accountable for and guide me through my journey as an entrepreneur was exactly what I needed.

Dan has helped me see a world of possibility that previously I could only see heavily sugar-coated on self-development books. We are 4 weeks into our coaching programme and I have already done things I previously thought impossible. He has pushed me into a life of full commitment to being the person that my heart dictates and to take powerful action to create the life I want to live and stop being a slave of the circumstances.
Thank you Dan!
Visit his website and coaching programmes at www.danwarburton.com

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