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New Brand and Website – Welcome to Gozen Media

I am delighted to announce the birth of my new brand and website. After months of deliberation on how to lead my freelance business towards success, I have decided to encapsulate it under a brand that would represent what I stand for.

The brand is inspired by Tomoe Gozen, a 12th century female samurai who was absolutely committed to her vision, ruthless in her execution and caring and warm at the same time.

Plus I love Japan!

Gozen Media helps startups and small businesses who struggle to find the time and resources to promote themselves online effectively, and we do that by planning and executing lean digital marketing strategies tailored to the identity and purpose of the business.

I have been thinking a lot about my purpose in doing business and figured out that my number one priority is to learn and share valuable ideas and products in the world. I can achieve this if I merge my enquiring nature with my solid digital marketing expertise.

As good samurais, we also have an enemy; digital marketing consultants that take lots of money and do not bother to understand your business (sadly, very common).

Only if we are excited about your goals we will truly deliver value. This is hard to scale because it is about making it personal and one to one, which means that our service is highly tailored to your needs.

Visit the website! and contact me if you want to grow your business online.


SEO competitor research

How to do SEO competitor research the right way

When working on an SEO strategy, competitor research is something often overlooked. I am the first one to blame. Back in the day, I used to take for granted the brands I worked for where unique, and Google and users would instantly know that. Digging a bit into my psychology, I was actually avoiding looking too much into the competitors and in turn avoiding the temptation of ending up copying what they were doing. This is actually what many brands do, and one of my main goals is to always make my brands different from the competitors. After all, I am a marketer.
But to do that you need to understand your competitors first! Continue reading

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We are conducting an amazing research through which we aim to create some buyer personas for digital marketing services like the ones we ourselves offer.


Then you should definitely participate in our quick interview, where we will ask you a number of questions about you and your business.

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Giuseppes Lite POV video

I’m glad to present the video I produced for Giuseppe’s Lite ice cream shop and takeaway in Worthing

I have worked for Giuseppe’s Lite for a long time on Local SEO strategies and PPC consultancy.
Now the asked me to do a POV of videos like the one I did at Tot Rockin Beats NYE party.

These simple videos provide an unusual perspective into the shops they promote. Their aim is to make locals lose fear to visit those new businesses that open but no one has really tried them before you so you don’t dare popping in.

The video is smashing it on Facebook!

Contact us if you want a video like that. Starts at £98!

5 Things you can do today to promote your local business online

What Can I do today to get more online presence as a local business?

Local reputation matters more than ever!

Why? because the internet is giving people more options.

I’ve always played the guitar. When I was a teenager there were two music shops in my hometown serving the 500 people who were in a band. So you have a very defined group that knew each other and shared their common interests, which included those two local musical instrument shops. Continue reading