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What stops people from becoming really successful? hear what 7 top-performance coaches have to say

Have you ever seen ‘success’ in any school curriculum?

I haven’t. Well, actually, the point of going to school is to get into uni, which in turn will get you into a well-paid job in some corporation. Then you will make a decent living. Then you will achieve success. That is why no one teaches you what success is. It is too obvious, right?

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content marketing success

My latest story of immediate results with content marketing strategy (for freelancers who think big)

I just got a phone call from a client whose website I rewrote, re-structured and re-published 3 days ago. Here is the website if you want to have a look at it.

alvaro antona flamenco

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I just got my client to write for LifeHack.org and I feel… joy!

I am really proud to have helped Dan Warburton be a guest writer in LifeHack.org.
We have published his article ‘My secret for overcoming resistance and transforming my life‘ in a magazine with millions of monthly visits and a Domain Authority of 80.
Guest blogging is still one of the most effective ways of getting exposed to new audiences and building high authority backlinks.
I refer to guest blogging as the act of writing an article for an external website with the goal of getting exposed to their audience and collaborate with them.
What I have learned is that you need to offer very high-quality content and be really nice to the people of the websites you are applying to. They do need to content but at the same time, they need to skim through a lot of stuff they receive from random marketers trying to get a backlink with the least amount of effort possible.
Although it is relatively cost effective, you still need great content and someone to spend time liaising with the websites, but if you have a good process you can save lots of time!

Check Dan’s article here

The Protein Ball Co

Stop feeding your colleagues sugary failures, surprise them instead with these cool office snacks

Picture yourself on a Tuesday at 11 am; an unexpected email has made it through your ruthless servers and directly disrupted your utopian to-do list for the day. You realise you need some extra energy, you look at the watch and it is still 2 hours for lunch! Your inner hunter-gatherer starts to fear to faint before she can stretch her arm to vigorously launch the spear that will make the kill she needs to keep her going one more day on Earth. Continue reading

Dan Warburton Peru Buesa

Self Development Rehab

Ever since I read Covey’s ‘The 7 habits of highly effective people’ I have been a self-development junkie; I consume tons of content but before I apply what I learn I am already reading the next book or watching the next YouTube video. You may say I have an excuse, as it is very difficult to resist the information avalanche we suffer on a daily basis (well, if you have broadband and are not relying on 4G packages…). Continue reading


How a retired man built a massive following with beautiful content

Yesterday I was doing some work in Santander, and while I sat on a bench in front of the breathtaking bay, a man came to me and told me: “you are sitting on the most beautiful bench of Santander”.
He then pitched me his website eltomavistasdesantander.com, which is a platform committed to documenting the life and looks of the city of Santander every day through beautiful images, videos and comments about anything that is happening in the city. Continue reading


Those moments when being an entrepreneur is similar to being a Rockstar

 When I was 18 I wanted to be a rock star, but peer pressure prevented that from happening.

This is cool because I went on to develop a great and fulfilling professional life and found Gozen Media, but there is still a little rock star inside of me, who likes to set fire into metaphorical guitars and get his audiences’ blood pumping in excitement.

Sometimes being an entrepreneur is actually very similar to being a rock star. For example, when doing promo photos, the only difference is that entrepreneurs smile instead of giving the camera sexy duck faces and bad boy glances. 

 Earlier this month I had a photo session with the amazing Simon Pepper, who has decades of experience working in the Arts, Media and entertainment industries, including working for one of the Leading Theatrical Agencies in the UK – www.theartistspartnership.com. He is now well on his way to being a successful portraiture photographer and his work includes both artists and entrepreneurs.

We met early in the morning at his studio in Hove, but it was such a lovely sunny day that we walked down to the seafront and had a great photo session.Peru Buesa Peru Buesa

I must admit I am not original when it comes to business photographs; I always like to get myself photographed outdoors with a body of water in the background.

Luckily Simon directed the operation and brought new ideas to the session, so my arms found things to do, which avoided making me look like a GiJoe.

 Because I love hanging out with inspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers, I took some time to interview Simon:

Q: Why do you do what you do

 A: I love working with people. Every shoot is different, depending on the person / style and location and most importantly – the lighting!

Q: You focus a lot on making people feel comfortable. Why is this important?

 A: Its important to get people to relax so they look as natural as possible.  Some people are naturals, but I pride myself on helping all clients to relax and feel natural in front of the camera – helping them to feel at ease which helps to get the best results and people looking at their natural best! I also take pride in ensuring the experience of being in the studio or on Location is a fun and memorable one.


Q: When do you get really proud of your work?

A: Doing high quality images, when I’m surprised of what I do. When things come better than I expect and I get some amazing shots of people / moments – especially when working on location and using different props in the studio etc.


Q: How should the photography industry be?

A: Copyright of the photos. Photos are so abundant that they lose value.


Q: Who is doing cool things in the photography industry?

A: Ellen von Unwerth

Her Kitsch style, it looks fabulous and unique. I love the photographs of my Idol she’s done over the years – Kylie Minouge.

She also seems to fancy hot ties with bodies of water in the background.

She also seems to fancy hot ties with bodies of water in the background.


Alex Whiteman – Alex for his creativity and ability to create unique, beautiful and stunning images.


I would need to do some push ups before posing for Whiteman.

I would need to do some push ups before posing for Whiteman.

Q: What is your ambition?

 A: To photograph Kylie Minogue – An Album Cover! 

Most recently, I’ve sent balloons with a card and business cards at the Royal Albert Hall which I threw over the balcony and got them passed backstage and to her dressing room! I even visited her management office in London once and have left cards at the stage doors at her concerts, she will get the message one day! Word has it I was discussed at a dinner once years ago but with a different hat on – Personal Assistant! You could call me an obsessed fan, but I’m sure she would love me too! 

If you want to meet Simon and get some professional photos from him contact him at his photography website.

Thank you Simon!

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New Brand and Website – Welcome to Gozen Media

I am delighted to announce the birth of my new brand and website. After months of deliberation on how to lead my freelance business towards success, I have decided to encapsulate it under a brand that would represent what I stand for.

The brand is inspired by Tomoe Gozen, a 12th century female samurai who was absolutely committed to her vision, ruthless in her execution and caring and warm at the same time.

Plus I love Japan!

Gozen Media helps startups and small businesses who struggle to find the time and resources to promote themselves online effectively, and we do that by planning and executing lean digital marketing strategies tailored to the identity and purpose of the business.

I have been thinking a lot about my purpose in doing business and figured out that my number one priority is to learn and share valuable ideas and products in the world. I can achieve this if I merge my enquiring nature with my solid digital marketing expertise.

As good samurais, we also have an enemy; digital marketing consultants that take lots of money and do not bother to understand your business (sadly, very common).

Only if we are excited about your goals we will truly deliver value. This is hard to scale because it is about making it personal and one to one, which means that our service is highly tailored to your needs.

Visit the website! and contact me if you want to grow your business online.


SEO competitor research

How to do SEO competitor research the right way

When working on an SEO strategy, competitor research is something often overlooked. I am the first one to blame. Back in the day, I used to take for granted the brands I worked for where unique, and Google and users would instantly know that. Digging a bit into my psychology, I was actually avoiding looking too much into the competitors and in turn avoiding the temptation of ending up copying what they were doing. This is actually what many brands do, and one of my main goals is to always make my brands different from the competitors. After all, I am a marketer.
But to do that you need to understand your competitors first! Continue reading