How a retired man built a massive following with beautiful content

Yesterday I was doing some work in Santander, and while I sat on a bench in front of the breathtaking bay, a man came to me and told me: “you are sitting on the most beautiful bench of Santander”.
He then pitched me his website, which is a platform committed to documenting the life and looks of the city of Santander every day through beautiful images, videos and comments about anything that is happening in the city.

Miguel pulled out his iPad to show me his Facebook analytics, and I could see 103,000 followers on his page, and the photos he had already shared that morning had hundreds of likes already. He went on to say his site has more visits than the local newspaper’s website.

He said he has built his following organically, and he does not do any ads on his content.

– Define your niche
– Create content every day
– Focus on visual content
– Promote it offline

Keep up the great work Miguel, you inspired me big time!

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