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Experiencias familiares en la sala Black Bird de Santander

Ayer fuimos a la sala Black Bird de Santander a ver un concierto gratuito de Miss Soul and the Brids. Sospecho que esta banda es la banda residente en esta sala. Después tocaron las Black girls pero en seguida nos fuimos.
No por nada, sino porque a mí me entró antojo de McDonalds.
Es una sala pequeña oculta en uno de los recovecos urbanos de las caóticas y sinuosas entrecalles (o cuestas) de Santander.
La sala es muy agradable y está decorada estilo Honky-Tonk, o bar americano con música, con neónes de marcas de bebidas alcohólicas y posavasos con encanto. Tiene una atmósfera muy cool y una luz cálida que la hace un lugar perfecto para llevar a invitados o a compañeros de negocios y mostrarles que eres tan guay que hasta encuentras lugares cool hasta en ciudades tan fuera del ‘mapa del hype’ como Santander. Continue reading

I just got my client to write for and I feel… joy!

I am really proud to have helped Dan Warburton be a guest writer in
We have published his article ‘My secret for overcoming resistance and transforming my life‘ in a magazine with millions of monthly visits and a Domain Authority of 80.
Guest blogging is still one of the most effective ways of getting exposed to new audiences and building high authority backlinks.
I refer to guest blogging as the act of writing an article for an external website with the goal of getting exposed to their audience and collaborate with them.
What I have learned is that you need to offer very high-quality content and be really nice to the people of the websites you are applying to. They do need to content but at the same time, they need to skim through a lot of stuff they receive from random marketers trying to get a backlink with the least amount of effort possible.
Although it is relatively cost effective, you still need great content and someone to spend time liaising with the websites, but if you have a good process you can save lots of time!

Check Dan’s article here

The Protein Ball Co

Stop feeding your colleagues sugary failures, surprise them instead with these cool office snacks

Picture yourself on a Tuesday at 11 am; an unexpected email has made it through your ruthless servers and directly disrupted your utopian to-do list for the day. You realise you need some extra energy, you look at the watch and it is still 2 hours for lunch! Your inner hunter-gatherer starts to fear to faint before she can stretch her arm to vigorously launch the spear that will make the kill she needs to keep her going one more day on Earth. Continue reading

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New Brand and Website – Welcome to Gozen Media

I am delighted to announce the birth of my new brand and website. After months of deliberation on how to lead my freelance business towards success, I have decided to encapsulate it under a brand that would represent what I stand for.

The brand is inspired by Tomoe Gozen, a 12th century female samurai who was absolutely committed to her vision, ruthless in her execution and caring and warm at the same time.

Plus I love Japan!

Gozen Media helps startups and small businesses who struggle to find the time and resources to promote themselves online effectively, and we do that by planning and executing lean digital marketing strategies tailored to the identity and purpose of the business.

I have been thinking a lot about my purpose in doing business and figured out that my number one priority is to learn and share valuable ideas and products in the world. I can achieve this if I merge my enquiring nature with my solid digital marketing expertise.

As good samurais, we also have an enemy; digital marketing consultants that take lots of money and do not bother to understand your business (sadly, very common).

Only if we are excited about your goals we will truly deliver value. This is hard to scale because it is about making it personal and one to one, which means that our service is highly tailored to your needs.

Visit the website! and contact me if you want to grow your business online.


Win a £50 Amazon Gift Card for a chat with us

We are conducting an amazing research through which we aim to create some buyer personas for digital marketing services like the ones we ourselves offer.


Then you should definitely participate in our quick interview, where we will ask you a number of questions about you and your business.

Please fill the form below with a date and time that suits you!
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