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Use a Noise Gate for cleanliness in mixes

Yesterday I discovered a powerful tool for mixing songs. it was one of those magical discoveries that make ir worthing writing a post about it.

Simply put, a noise gate can remove any sounds below a certain volume, this can be very helpful to remove all that useless noise that can lay underneath your track, including atmospheric noise, hums or your feet tapping the floor. This way you ‘weed out’ your track and can enhance clarity and cleanliness in the sound.

Of course, some people might prefer to still keep some imperfections in the sound, so its application will depend on your creative preferences.

I personally use Reaper, which includes a factory plug-in called ReaGate. They key is to use just a little bit of the left hand side fader so that it does not cut too much sound and starts sounding unnatural.


John Frusciante hand-written letter about the recording of the album ‘The Will to Death’

[Widget_Twitter id=”1″]This is a hand written letter by John Frusciante, created in 2004 explaining recording aspects of his 6th solo Album, ‘The Will to Death’.

This letter explain how the approach of the recording was based in 70s recording techniques and there were no computers involved in the process. This is an approach that John Frusciante has utilised until his conversion to electronic music, for which he has stated that he uses computers for sampling sounds.

the will to death hand written letter 1

the will to death hand written letter2

the will to death hand written letter3