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My latest story of immediate results with content marketing strategy (for freelancers who think big)

I just got a phone call from a client whose website I rewrote, re-structured and re-published 3 days ago. Here is the website if you want to have a look at it.

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I was a little bit nervous, “something must be incomplete, or maybe there is a typo somewhere that I have embarrassingly missed” Continue reading

Giuseppes Lite POV video

I’m glad to present the video I produced for Giuseppe’s Lite ice cream shop and takeaway in Worthing

I have worked for Giuseppe’s Lite for a long time on Local SEO strategies and PPC consultancy.
Now the asked me to do a POV of videos like the one I did at Tot Rockin Beats NYE party.

These simple videos provide an unusual perspective into the shops they promote. Their aim is to make locals lose fear to visit those new businesses that open but no one has really tried them before you so you don’t dare popping in.

The video is smashing it on Facebook!

Contact us if you want a video like that. Starts at £98!

How your brand’s content might save your life – 7 benefits of a content strategy

I know at this day and age it is difficult to get across any points on strategy. Yes, your small business needs too many strategies, and you are very busy running your business. You might ask yourself , will this stuff help me be less busy?

Content strategy is an idea we have been recently introduced in the advent of an obsession with content marketing. You already knew you needed a business plan and a marketing strategy, and suddenly you now need a bloody content strategy as well?

All these digital marketing websites say it is good for SEO and social media, but everyone struggles finding a way to measure its performance, which makes it a bit hard to sell.
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