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My latest story of immediate results with content marketing strategy (for freelancers who think big)

I just got a phone call from a client whose website I rewrote, re-structured and re-published 3 days ago. Here is the website if you want to have a look at it.

alvaro antona flamenco

I was a little bit nervous, “something must be incomplete, or maybe there is a typo somewhere that I have embarrassingly missed”

I answered the phone…

“Man, I just got paid an unprecedented sum of money from a client who just found my new website, this is incredible, thank you so much!”

I cannot describe well enough the joy I felt. Let’s rewind.

Alvaro Antona was yet another struggling freelancer, determined to make a living doing what he loved the most. In this case, playing and teaching flamenco guitar.

He had already found some modest success with a very simple website that was pretty much an online cv. There wasn’t much of an offer of his services and little social proof. Yet, along with networking and through family and friend referrals, he managed to have a fluctuating student and customer base.

“It is 2017, we need to take this to the next level, we need to invest in your personal brand and your offer” – I suggested.

He decided to go for my content marketing strategy.

The exact things we have done in his content marketing strategy (thus far)

  • Audit his existing content on his website and social platforms
  • Research his buyer personas, their goals and problems
  • Refresh the website template
  • Strategically create informational content that projects his expertise and experience
  • Create service pages with all the information needed to prevent unnecessary phone calls or dead leads
  • Fill the website with social proof, testimonials, celebrity associations and photos of happy people around Alvaro
  • Optimise all his new and old content for SEO
  • Target more English speakers and notify Google of the language changes through ‘hreflang’ tags
  • Develop a social media strategy to gain followers and distribute all the content that we have on his website

The results have been shared on the introduction to this blog post. Almost instant qualified inquiries that lead to someone purchasing his most expensive package.

The best bit is that this is just the beginning.

If you are a struggling freelancer wanting to get more work through your website, get in touch with me and I am happy to arrange a 1 hour call with you and give you some ideas of what you must do with your personal online brand to stop depending on those horrid networking events and unqualified ‘compromised leads’ your friends send you with the best of their intentions.




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