With the right Digital Marketing Strategy


My name is Peru and I am determined to change the world by making you win more customers and fans in a lean, efficient and reliable way.

I have spend half a decade studying how the digital channel and SEO can help us reach our ideal customers and engage with them in an authentic and meaningful way.

This is what I will help you with:

  1. Gain more business through your website.
  2. Express your uniqueness through digital channels: because it is so crowded out there, the only way of getting noticed is by exploiting those amazing unique characteristics that no one else but you can offer to the world.
  3. Cut the crap and do the things that will give you the biggest bang for the buck.
  4. Talk to your fans: the days of simply targeting keywords and measuring rankings are gone; now the search engines force us to create websites that are written and designed around the audience that is to become your fandom.

It’s true that many people who work in this industry tend to have a short sighted and somewhat distant approach to working with clients. I want to challenge that paradigm by focusing on the purpose and goals of my clients’ businesses.

Just before you read on, if you run your business with the sole purpose of making as much money as possible, I might not be your guy.

Call me today on 07761391547 and we can arrange a no strings attached face to face or Skype meeting to discuss your business and how to make the internet love it.


As an SEO expert, I work very closely with people and brands, understanding what they are all about and delivering the right message to the right audience. This can be achieved by SEO, content marketing, social media or paid digital media.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance

Alan Watts

  • Dan Flanagan

    “Multilingual, multi-layer, multi-talented. These are just three ways of describing Peru. He challenges briefs , asks the right questions and works overtime to deliver on the promises he makes.

    I highly recommend working with Peru. You won’t be disappointed.”


    Dan Flanagan – Don’t Believe the Hype
  • Amalia Hornero

    “Peru has a great talent in making it really easy to communicate despite being located thousands of kms apart. He is a master in opening paths; we are so grateful to have him in our team traveling beyond frontiers and connecting with the heart”

    Amalia Hornero – Flamenco Route Madrid
  • alberto

    “As a developer, Peru has helped me understand the intricacies of SEO, which can sometimes be overlooked when looking from a purely technical perspective. Being not only a SEO expert, but surprisingly tech-savvy in the realm of web development makes working with Peru a breeze”

    Alberto Gomez – Hello Fresh
  • Sav Mela Giuseppes Worthing

    “Peru is a legend What a great experience!

    He helped me with and after 2 months we already have fantastic results and that is only thanks to Peru! Working with Peru is an Outstanding Experience!  Peru’s advice is extremely helpful and he is very good at keeping you up to date. I would recommend this guy 100%!

    Thanks Peru!”

    Sav Mela – Owner at Giuseppes Lite
  • Niall McCallum

    “Peru is an incredibly talented and insightful search engine optimiser, who is able to put his analytical skills and technical knowledge to good use across a wide range of SEO services. Particularly, he has helped us identify relevant keyword targets as well as greatly informing our wider SEO strategy, both off and on site. If rigorous, carefully planned, well-presented and punctual work is what you’re looking for, Peru is your man!


    Nial McCallum – Co-Founder at ModeAudio
  • alvaro antona

    “Peru gives you the best options to increase the chances of improving your business online. he offers a great variety of possibilities to increase your site’s rankings. Very knowledgable about how the web works, he offers quality and efficiency. Without a doubt, a great professional!


    Alvaro Antona Villar – Alvaro Antona Flamenco



I publish articles about digital marketing and some of the myriad of things that draw my interest. I make sure to add directives so that you can put all those insights into practice to become better professionally and personally.


With the right Digital Marketing Strategy


SEO & Digital Marketing consultant in Brighton and Sussex.
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